RDUF (Research Data Utilization Forum)


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RDUF (Research Data Utilization Forum)

Japan Link Center has established Research Data Utilization Forum(RDUF) in May 2016.



Why should you become an RDUF member?
Because you support our mission, agree digital data is a fundamental tool for scientific and societal advancement, and are committed to the development of interdisciplinary data sharing practices and infrastructure.
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Communications within RDUF use only Japanese at this moment.

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Research Data Utilization Forum(RDUF)

Established in May, 2016.(Chair: Hideaki Takeda, Dr.)

Consisting of organizations such as research institutes, information organizations, university libraries and individuals who are interested in this issue.


Internal study meetings
Outreach meetings
Policy advocacy

Organizational Members
Japan Science and Technology Agency
National Institure for Materials Science
National Institure of Informatics
National Diet Library
National Institure of Information and Communications Technology
Chiba University Libraries
Academic Link
Japan Atomic Energy Agency

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